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Three Tips to Move from Thought Leader to Author This Year

Are you ready to become an author this year yet you have one or more of the following concerns:

 You just don’t know where to start.

  • You find yourself getting distracted every time you sit down to write.
  • You’re afraid that you don’t have the writing skills to write a book yourself.
  • You don’t understand the full depth and breadth of the book writing, publishing and marketing process.

All of the above are very real concerns. Following are three tips to help move you forward on your journey.

 Start researching similar books. Click here to get a copy of the spreadsheet I use to create a very powerful competitive analysis of the current books similar to yours out there. From here go to Amazon where more than 80% of all books are currently purchased.

  1. Take the time to find all of the books that you see that could be similar to yours. Check out this site to help you find all of the books similar: Use the form I’ve provided to see all the titles that rank from 1-20,000 (listed right next to the book’s description).
  2. Once you have finished viewing all of the books that are similar, sort the books by rank, highest to lowest. Now you have a unique vantage point to create a book that moves beyond the current books out there to a new level of excellence. Here, you will take all of what other reviewers have liked about the top books that are similar to the one you want to write and, more importantly, you will see all of the things the other authors missed or didn’t write enough about.
  3. Create an outline using the chapter titles from the books you have reviewed. You will see patterns in the spreadsheet Title column that will help you see what chapter titles you can create. Look for patterns. Don’t copy the titles but riff off of them to create your own, unique titles.

    Bonus: Take your time. I always slow down to speed up when it comes to outlines. Any good ghostwriter will tell you they can write a very solid book if you give them a great outline. So once you have completed your outline let it sit in a drawer or on your desktop for a day or so. Go back then and use the left side of your brain to edit it. Also, keep looking at articles on the subject you will be writing on to find those additional unique and small but important points to include in your book.

 Finally, after you have completed your research and outlining, you will be ready to go find ten signature stories for your book. Then in a future post I’ll share my tips for creating stories that will grab your readers and turn them into fans. In the meantime, enjoy this stage that will help you start that book that is just waiting to get out of your head and into the world so you can rise above the crowd in our ever-growing world of content.
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Are you up for a MOT test?

Read this article and learn how to prepare for the testing and pass it successfully.

MOT run out? Book your MOT Test BEFORE driving to the Testing Station! It is illegal to drive a car without a valid MOT – and you can’t get it taxed either. So to help motorists the Government allows you to drive to and from an MOT Testing Station without road tax and MOT provided you have booked it in with the MOT Station in advance – but you must be insured!


Windshield, washers and wipers

Check if your washer tank is full and works properly. Look at the wiper blades to see if the rubber surface is not cracked and damaged. The most important thing in this area is your windshield, check for chips and cracks. The most important windshield zone is the Zone A or the driver’s viewing field. The cracks in this area must not be larger than 10mm in diameter. The Zone B is the swept area, or the range where your wipers operate. In this area the cracks should not be bigger than 40mm in diameter. Most insurance programs cover windshield replacement so if the damage on your windshield surpasses the allowed dimensions get it repaired at a professional car service, or replace it for a new one.

Tyres and wheels

Check for serious damage on the wheel, since this can and will fail your MOT. Check the valve to make sure it’s not misaligned or damaged. It’s not mandatory to remove the hub caps, but you can remove them if you want a better examination. However if you remove them and if some of the wheel nuts are missing you’re going to fail the MOT.

Check the tyres. A tyre with a smooth surface represents tyre wear, and you might need to change the tyres if you want to pass the test. If you want to prevent uneven tyre wear, consider tyre rotation every six months in order to have a better wheel alignment.

Headlights, tail lights and hazards

This is an easy one. Check if all of your lights and hazards are working. Ask a friend to help you with the tail lights check while you push the brake pedals, turn on the hazard lights, fog lights and indicators.

Extra tips:

  • Check for leaks of any kind, oil leaks, fuel leaks etc.
  • Make sure the fluid levels in your car are on point
  • Check if your seat belts engage properly
  • Wash your car in order to leave a better impression

Finally find a reliable car servicing to do your MOT. Book the test before your certificate runs out, and don’t wait for the expiry date in order to do the test.

Use the Greatest SWF Converter to Transform Flash Animations in Video!

Creativeness is the power plant of mankindwe would never make it without inventive persons, who give birth to many great ideas every day. A lot of the ideas they provide are pretty bizarre, however, these can become something really great one day. Just like genius painters, gifted technical engineers often gain recognition in their mature years and are frequently mocked by others at the beginning of the road to incredible creations. People that compromise their personal life and forget about simple pleasures – these are true heroes, who make the world better! Thanks to great minds, we now have everything to enjoy a cozy life – we have personal computers which is the greatest thing a person from 1970’s could only dream about! These days, you’re the lucky one that is capable of creating videos, uploading them to Youtube or sharing these on Fb. The progress never stops and sooner or later we all will get the chance to communicate on the internet, having a small chip under the skin. Let’s accept we live in the most promising millennium – 21 is a lucky number, certainly! In this post, I would like to tell you what SWF format is and why you need to get a SWF to video converter.

swf video converter

Like any other individual, you may get lost in difficult-to-spell terms and unknown formats, yet the good idea is you can always convert the file into a commonly used format without puzzling over this task. Here is the point – SWF format informs you that the file was created with the help of software like ArtWave or Sothink, which are often utilized to create flash animations, short clips and even cartoons. It is often considered that this method can not work for tv ads, nevertheless practical experience demonstrates that this is a mistaken notion. With the aid of skilled animators and designers, you can obtain a fantastic end product without investing huge cash sums in it. The only problem you may get is SWF format isn’t welcomed on televisionyou need to present your commercial in a video file format, which is so easy to do when you’ve got the best SWF to video converter.
you’re now searching for a SWF to AVI converter that can help you cope with the issuethe point is you can impale your self upon some dubious software. Paying cash for a pig in a poke is at least not clever, so we suggest you looking at the program before making the final choice. See the best swf video converter and acquire the trial version totally free!

Where can I buy good quality hammocks?

you love nature and wish to relax yourself in the most exotic and soothing way, then you must certainly purchase a good quality hammock which might be installed on trees or some other structures near your home or hotel. Probably you have seen films or TV serials and were captivated by the images and moments where men and ladies stay relaxed in these wire like things. Well, there is nothing strange about possessing such a thing yourself. If you’re not knowledgeable about it and have no clue where to purchase, how to select and what exactly is best for you, you should know there is a good service that can help you to forget about searching, comparing and analyzing, as they provide the top handmade hammocks that you might ever have. You can ask yourself why particularly hand made. Well, because each handmade unit is produced with devotion, concentration and passion. You will feel very comfortably in this kind of hammock.

The service is called the Original Hammock Store and it provides only top quality devices which are created by a skilled Mexican family with old traditions in creating these kinds of handmade things. They have accumulated the experience from very old generations. Actually, the practice of making it originates from Maya civilization, so you can understand the level of these masters. You have got the possibility to obtain some of the most lovely and wonderful hammocks in the world. In fact the prices are not cheap, and this service is not about providing low-cost goods. You will pay for the exclusive quality which you get and it’s actually truly worth trying. You may feel the sunlight and listen to the wind while staying comfortably in these special hammocks. It’s a special feeling that cannot be described in simple words.

If you need to spend an intimate night with your girl and make here an excellent surprise, you can invite her with you on such a hand-woven hammock and spend time together, doing numerous diverse things or simply relaxing together. If you are attentive to details and really appreciate the quality, you will certainly opt for such an item and will spend some money for your body and soul. The family that makes these is very inspired whenever they start to work and you can see it on your own. If you want to know more about it, get into this link

Let your home become your pride

Maintaining your house in good order isn’t a simple thing. That’s exactly the reason why many of us opt for an apartment instead of a fully fledged house. When it gets old the roof starts leaking, the walls get holes and there are many more problems that you’d have by simply owning an apartment. This conclusion is shared by millions of people that have given up their homes in favor of simple apartments. Nevertheless, there are many that won’t. Owning a mansion is a sign of influence and authority. Only the wealthiest men could afford a house in the past and the same is valid in the present.


Building something next to the house or expanding the same house is always a good idea in the long run assuming that you have land for that. Usually the houses have a lot of land annexed to the main building. There are specialized companies that are ready, willing and able to perform these operations for you and that have hundreds of years of actual experience. Only a proper Outdoor Stone Patio Long Island firm can boast of such skills and there are just a few of them in United States of America.

 Since the Founding Fathers have invested their lives in this land it has known progress and it wasn’t a simple path to greatness but so is every well paved one. In order to find out more about the best Outdoor Stone Patio Nassau County you’ll need to search for these terms on the most popular search engines online. There will be a huge number of results but you shouldn’t trust any of them until you are 100 % sure that this is an authentic and old business. With the rise of the internet the number of frauds has grown tenfold.

 The Outdoor Stone Patio Long Island company that you are looking for can be browsed at the following web address These guys have been in business for a lot of time and they know their jobs amazingly well. Cesca Construction will be able to plan, design and build the most amazing pavements and annexes to your home with very little funds. It’s amazing how efficient can such a small company be when building something timeless. In any case, it requires knowledge and dedication to achieve this kind of result in so little time.

Effortless way to find the very best hair growth products is presented below

Sure enough, most people know the old saying, which specifically claims that beauty will one day save the entire world. Indeed, it is not difficult to believe it, seeing just how influential beauty already is. After all, people are prepared to do everything in their power in order to look more attractive. Regardless of one’s age, skin color or gender, he or she will always want to look perfect. Of course, today’s market is offering such possibilities, even if you may think that there is nothing you could do about some aspects of your appearance. After all, we all live in a world of progressive technologies as well as innovative solutions.

With that said, a lot of men actually suffer from a rather unpleasant issue – hair loss. Yes, this is a genuine problem, especially if it occurs in an early age. Well, there is a number of reasons why this is happening. We do live in a world that is filled with toxic wastes and pollution and it is rather difficult to argue with the fact that is all contributes to our health and wellbeing. One way or another, regardless of the reasons why such matters are happening, it is important to find a solution that would satisfy your needs. If that is the case and you are already browsing the World Wide Web, trying to find some products that would definitely make hair grow faster, we simply cannot help but recommend you to definitely go to the web site at the earliest opportunity.

That is right – it does not matter if you are young or an elderly person; it does not matter how much money you are willing to spend on the hair growth products, do not hesitate to visit the above-mentioned online page and you will certainly never regret it. This resource is offering tons of solutions that will easily satisfy even the most sophisticated needs and requirements. You can find all sorts of hair growth products and will be able to choose the best ones that will suit your demands. Therefore, even if you are starting to lose your hair at an incredibly fast rate, do not despair and simply feel free to check out the web site – you will surely never regret it. Get the most innovative as well as effective products out there and watch as your hair grows incredibly fast.

Effortless way to find great taxi service is presented below

Needless to say, public transport is an incredibly important part of our society’s infrastructure. After all, a lot of people simply cannot afford to buy a car of their own in order to get at work or perhaps any other place on time. In addition, public transportation is the most budget-friendly solution that will get you anywhere within the very least amount of time possible. Sure enough, in case you are in a great hurry, you will prefer to choose the fastest public transport out there. Of course, we are now talking about the taxi cab services. Indeed, taxi is the quickest as well as most efficient way to get anywhere you want whenever you need.

With that said, today’s market is offering a huge number of taxi service providers. Regardless of where you may want to head to and what kind of vehicle you may need to hire, you can always find a variety of taxi cabs on the net. Still, some taxi services are more efficient than the others. Some taxi drivers are much more responsible and deal with their tasks properly, while others are often incapable of safe driving. Needless to say, your very life may well depend on the skills of the person, who is driving the vehicle. Hence, it is only natural that you will want to find a great taxi service provider. If that is the case and you are currently browsing the World Wide Web, trying to find San Diego Taxi Cab agency that will never let you down, we simply cannot help but recommend you to definitely go to the web site and learn more about the amazing San Diego Airport Taxi Cab service at the earliest opportunity.

That is right – if you wish to find a taxi service that offers great cars, responsible and professional drivers as well as fastest solutions, do not hesitate to visit the above-mentioned online page and you will certainly never regret it. San Diego Taxi is without any doubts the most trustworthy option you will find on today’s market. Its drivers are always polite and will get you anywhere as quickly as it is possible, without breaking any rules. Their driving is skillful and safe and you will not need to worry at all. Therefore, go ahead – feel free to check out the website and you will certainly keep on coming back for more.

Get a Swallow Greenhouse to Cut your Spending and Realize the Long- time Dream

There is no taboo when it comes to creating comfort within your living space – as the owner, you can do whatever your heart desires and feel 100% free to use any colors and textures you prefer. First, you need to understand what kind of dwelling would perfectly represent your personality and lifestyle. Are you a committed, pragmatic businessman or a romantic person that enjoys nature and silence? Want your house to resonate with you? Believe it or not, every house has a soul just like its owner – walls can motivate and relax, energize or lull. Whenever a new person moves in an old house, he always brings new ideas, regardless of the existing design. There are many ways you can personalize the space and make it perfect for your family without producing major changes and layout modifications. Learn three steps to creating a comfortable atmosphere: use soft, warm colors, avoid avant-gard furniture and do not skimp on home plants. A warm, comfortable living room, decorated with translucent curtains and enriched with pure oxygen will become a perfect place for family gatherings and after-work relaxation. Do you have a backyard that needs renovation? Invest in a swallow greenhouse to create a personal paradise garden at a fairly affordable price.

swallow kingfisher greenhouse

Beautiful flowers, healthy greens – Mother Nature gave everything one may need to keep his body and mind healthy. Today’s people seem to be interested in buying cars, huge office places; they tend to migrate to big cities, making the choice in favor of concrete jungles and forgetting about the main source of pure inspiration and harmony. Installing a swallow greenhouse could be a perfect way to bring harmony in your home and make it a quite haven. Your worried mind certainly needs proper relaxation, which is impossible while sitting in front of a computer or a TV. Doing gardening, you not merely create beautiful window views, but also harmonize yourself at the energy level, getting in close contact with nature. Your new hobby can help you cope with stresses and find a piece of mind in tough times – proceed to the webpage to choose from incredible Swallow greenhouses to make the right choice!

When it comes to choosing a greenhouse, many people stumble upon the problem of deciding on the right material. Metal or real wood? Many would certainly prefer investing in real wood, considering it more natural-looking and stylish, still there are many complications, related to maintenance. We offer you a great way to combine practicality with style. Swallow greenhouses are made from tanalised redwood pine that features amazing weather resistant qualities, which is relevant to British climate.

How can I treat Osgood Schlatters?

       Health is the most important condition for enjoying your life and feeling great about every activity you do. You should maintain your good state and avoid all the negative factors. When you have a good health condition, let’s say close to perfection, you can use your body in great ways and do many different activities like running, jumping, walking, dancing, do different exercises, and more. You feel your body and enjoy every moment. However, there are sever problems and diseases that bother many people and they cannot understand the full pleasure. Osgood Schlatters disease is one of these conditions. Even if it is not a risk for man’s life, it can seriously influence your physical possibilities and bother you with pain and inconvenience.

     Osgood Schlatter syndrome is about an inflammation of the patellar ligament at the tibial tuberosity. To understand in simple word, there is something wrong with a ligament of the knee. In fact the main symptom is about a strong pain in the knee region that can persist for long period. The pain can get more intense if you do physical exercises involving your legs, such as running, playing sports, walking rapidly, and more. It generally occurs to the adolescents who form their bones and body structures and who are actively enjoying physical exercises. There are many people facing this problem and if you are also such a person, you can go to your doctor and also look for more information online, since there are many great blogs, sites and articles about this condition. You can also find online special forums where people discuss this condition and share their experiences. You can learn a lot of things on these forums, as the experiences are real.

       Once of the best sites that you can try for now is called the Strickland Protocol. The title actually suggests a special treatment of prevention and elimination of the symptoms. On this site, you will find out great information and Osgood Schlatter support. You will understand what the basic rules are for those who deal with this parents and what you can do as a parent, because the children are the most predisposed for this. There is a lot of great stuff that you can read and that will help you to make a general impression. If you want to stay away of it and know more about it, click this link

Effortless way to find top quality iPad repair services is presented below

Needless to say, we all live in a world of progressive technologies as well as various innovative solutions. These days, it is rather difficult to imagine our life without all kinds of devices, gadgets and gizmos that significantly ease our existence. Sure enough, can you think of how you will be able to handle all your daily routines without your smartphone or tablet PC? Indeed, these highly sophisticated technologies has long since become an inseparable part of our being. Hence, it is only natural that we all know and love the amazing Apple products that nowadays represent the source of everything unique as well as innovative.

With that said, even though most Apple products are quite pricey, you will surely get the most out of every penny you will invest into the iPhone or the iPad, especially the latest models. Apple devices look incredibly stylish, their interface is amazingly user-friendly and they offer the most convenient experience out there. Still, even the most innovative gadgets may at times let you down. After all, who knows what may be waiting for you around the corner? Who knows – perhaps you will drop your phone on the ground and will crack its screen. Maybe you will accidentally drop your iPad in the water and who knows what other accidents may take place. In this case, you will surely need to get in touch with an industry professional that will be able to deal with all the damage that was caused to your gizmo properly. If that is the case and you are already browsing the World Wide Web, trying to find the very best ipad repair stores out there, we simply cannot help but recommend you to definitely go to the web site and learn more about the most reliable services on the market at the earliest opportunity.

That is right – regardless of what kind of problem you may stumble upon and how badly your iPhone or iPad is damaged, do not hesitate to visit the above-mentioned online page and check out the most trustworthy iphone repair solutions out there right now! It does not matter, whether you need to repair a cracked iphone screen or maybe wish to handle any other issue, this service will surely deliver the very best result within the very least amount of time possible. Therefore, if you need to fix your Apple products fast, feel free to check out the web site and you will definitely never regret it.