Are you up for a MOT test?

Read this article and learn how to prepare for the testing and pass it successfully.

MOT run out? Book your MOT Test BEFORE driving to the Testing Station! It is illegal to drive a car without a valid MOT – and you can’t get it taxed either. So to help motorists the Government allows you to drive to and from an MOT Testing Station without road tax and MOT provided you have booked it in with the MOT Station in advance – but you must be insured!


Windshield, washers and wipers

Check if your washer tank is full and works properly. Look at the wiper blades to see if the rubber surface is not cracked and damaged. The most important thing in this area is your windshield, check for chips and cracks. The most important windshield zone is the Zone A or the driver’s viewing field. The cracks in this area must not be larger than 10mm in diameter. The Zone B is the swept area, or the range where your wipers operate. In this area the cracks should not be bigger than 40mm in diameter. Most insurance programs cover windshield replacement so if the damage on your windshield surpasses the allowed dimensions get it repaired at a professional car service, or replace it for a new one.

Tyres and wheels

Check for serious damage on the wheel, since this can and will fail your MOT. Check the valve to make sure it’s not misaligned or damaged. It’s not mandatory to remove the hub caps, but you can remove them if you want a better examination. However if you remove them and if some of the wheel nuts are missing you’re going to fail the MOT.

Check the tyres. A tyre with a smooth surface represents tyre wear, and you might need to change the tyres if you want to pass the test. If you want to prevent uneven tyre wear, consider tyre rotation every six months in order to have a better wheel alignment.

Headlights, tail lights and hazards

This is an easy one. Check if all of your lights and hazards are working. Ask a friend to help you with the tail lights check while you push the brake pedals, turn on the hazard lights, fog lights and indicators.

Extra tips:

  • Check for leaks of any kind, oil leaks, fuel leaks etc.
  • Make sure the fluid levels in your car are on point
  • Check if your seat belts engage properly
  • Wash your car in order to leave a better impression

Finally find a reliable car servicing to do your MOT. Book the test before your certificate runs out, and don’t wait for the expiry date in order to do the test.

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