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Learning more about a certain person is currently easier than ever before, as internet can do it all for us. This is why discovering more about Augustine Ademola Diji is now possible due to our website, as you can simply sit back in front of your personal computer and check out the page. Augustien Diji is one of the members of Luxor Homes and Investment Realty, LLC. He is also a true expert in compliance and business law, additionally to working with real estate licensing rules and even regulations. He was able to bring out a really extensive background in condominium conversions, negotiating short sales and even sales of distress properties. He also made it possible to consult with clients who are seeking to change their commercial on their own residential loans.

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Just before he started working in real estate, he received his degree in law from Case Western Reserve University’s School of Law. He was always known as being too smart in his own domain and managed to help thousands of individuals in the area. Even though he was born in Accra Ghana, when he was only two he moved to Buffalo, New York with his parents. As a kid, he attended the private Catholic schools. He graduated high school with a degree in Economics and Psychology with a minor in Business Management. Due to his studies and all of his results, he got all the recognition and knowledge to make his development effective and great working. Besides all the knowledge and experience he has got in the area he was practicing, he also was a fitness trainer and seriously concerned about his physical fitness and spiritual health.

 As he was active throughout the years, he also managed to survive the 2008-2009 real estate crash, working his way towards turning into a really successful real estate investor and business consultant. Nowadays, he continues to serve all of his clients through Aline and does his best to provide great quality mortgage default consulting, right here, at Luxor Homes and Investment Realty, LLC. All you should do today is simply sit back in the comfort of your house and follow the link: and dive into the world of information you might want to know about him and his career. Choose the right site and learn more about Augustine Ademola Diji and you will certainly never regret knowing more about this amazing person.

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