Why should you choose Netflix

The internet changed almost everything in our day to day life. We take it for granted today, and we never think about what the life would be without it. It is a necessary commodity like running water or electricity. And I stated before, that the internet changed almost every aspect of our life, entertainment is also part of this category.

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Netflix was a revolutionary service when it was launched that used the power of the internet for unlimited entertainment. It offered many advantages that I would like to talk a little bit in the next few paragraphs. First and most importantly, it’s cheaper than any other alternatives. For example, you may pay around $100 for cable TV, and what do you get from that? Many channels that you rarely watch, furthermore, when you watch a TV channel you have to stick with their own schedule. You may say that you could record a TV show, but are we in the 90s? Why not use a more modern approach, which is more convenient, with less hassle and with many other advantages. Netflix does not care when you are watching your favorite TV shows, while some TV channels have a prime time in the evening, and you will definitely miss it if you are not free during that time.

Another big feature of Netflix is their own production. Other streaming services like Netflix do not produce their own shows. Moreover, Netflix series and movies are rated so much that many movie critics say that you may want to subscribe to their services just for shows like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black or Narcos. But when you subscribe, you will have access to millions of hours of other great movies and series.

When you watch a TV, you will be interrupted by many ads that will ruin the experience of any movie or TV show. On Netflix, you will not be interrupted by these vicious ads. And if people say that ads are there so that you can take a short break, on Netflix you can do a break whenever your bladder asks for it.

Netflix is also available on any device in your home that is connected to the internet and has a display. HDTVs, tablets, desktop computers, laptops and even your phone can stream any movie you want.  

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