Be the First Person to Join a Thrilling Hammerhead Expedition Today!


Mother Nature is the most genius and controversial creators in the whole universe! Spreading life all over continents and oceans, she created more than 8 millions of species which that coexist for millions of years. Standing on the highest stage of evolution, we are given the prerogative to explore the world we are a part of through the help of innovative technologies. There are few places on Earth a human foot has not stepped on and still there are so many mysteries unsolved! Longing for new information, scientists and biologists plunge into thrilling ocean researches – hiding numerous enigmas and never seen creatures, underwater life can tell much more than terrestrial fauna.

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I bet, you have already watched hundreds of Discovery documentary films, still no screen can ever transmit the incredible beauty and power of the ocean! What do people feel when diving with dolphins, huge sharks and mesmerizing fluorescent plankton? You will never know until you try it! Enroll in a hammerhead shark diving expedition to enrich your life with a completely new experience and get a chance to contribute to the species’ preservation. We are here to proudly announce the first ever hammerhead expedition in Indonesia. Working hard to provide you with this unique chance, our friendly team of professional divers is ready to answer your questions – proceed through the link below to get detailed information on who we are and what our mission is.

Marine life is incredible and only a blind person would neglect the fact underwater creatures are unique and look nothing like terrestrial animals we see every day. Living in specific conditions, some of underwater inhabitants are characterized by high reactivity and harsh temper! Hammerhead sharks instill primordial fear , still are the most incredible creatures living on the planet Earth because of the unique appearance and huge size. The most ancient marine creature and the most bloodthirsty and dangerous predator, hammerhead shark is no friend of yours, so you would never want to cross his path! Would you love to feel the thrilling sensation you can only get when close to the most powerful creature in the world? We are here to help bring your dreams to life – please get in touch today to join the first hammerhead expedition ever. Promise, you will never forget this experience and will forever keep unique memories about the most significant meeting in your life! Click on the link for more information.

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