Spend 5 Minutes to Fill Up an Application and Find Direct Lender Which Suits Best Your Needs

There are various situations when you might need some extra money before you are getting your salary. Maybe there are good sales on a something you were dreamed about or a force major situation occurred and you have urgent and unpredicted spending, but you do not have enough money at the moment. What to do in such kind of situation? The answer is pretty simple – you have to think on getting a fast pay day loan from a reliable and direct lender. Payday loans are the best solution if you are looking to get money fast and have a possibility to pay back to the lender during 30 days.

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If it is happening that you are living in United Kingdom, or nearby area, you can address to a lot of lenders, but still you have to look up for one which is responsible, secure, transparent and trustful. Tide U Over is an established company which is cooperating with a huge number of payday lenders and will help you to get in touch with most appropriate payday lender for you. With Tide U Over, you can simply fill up an online form, which usually will take only 5 minutes from your time and they will match up your application considering all your criteria with direct lender which suits best all your needs and requirements. As an intermediary, the Tide U Over does not charge any fees or taxes from you and all lenders from the database have appropriate license with Financial Conduct Authority.

In case you are a United Kingdom citizen, over 18 years old, have a permanent job, active bank account and valid debit card you can easily borrow from 100 to 500 pounds in just few clicks on the website. Also Tide U Over do not perform a credit search on its clients, but be prepared that the lenders do. Lenders will be checking for sure your identity, your credit file and other laundering checks. If you are sure that all your documents are fine and you meet all the listed above requirements, you can just apply to pay day loans and get needed money. In order to not be extra charged or receive additional fees, be sure to pay your loan on time and to keep contact with your lender, which might extend your payment deadline. Also be sure that all information you are providing on the website will be kept secure from identity theft and frauds, so apply as fast as you need and be calm about protection of your personal data.

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