Unforgettable birthday parties in NYC

 Our kids are definitely our most important treasure in life and we are able to do anything just to see them happy and healthy. We strive to make them smile through the little things we purchase for them, through the time spend with them and though all the comfort we can provide with. If you want to organize your child’s birthday or you have another special event in the family, we can help you with this. MTS Productions Beyond Excellence is one of the best agencies specialized in kids parties and entertainment. We can organize for your child the most memorable birthday party, so don’t hesitate to surprise him in a wonderful way. With MTS productions in New York, you will know for sure that your child has the ultimate fun and much-deserved celebration with your loved ones.


There are definitely some occasions in life that deserve to be celebrated in a very special way, no matter we are talking about birthdays, the graduation day and even bachelor’s parties. Yes, we don’t organize amazing events just for kids, but also for the whole family, so if you are thinking about something very special for you or for someone dear, we can recommend you great NYC party cruises. You can join us at NYC party cruises on a boat from kids events all ages invited to midnight party cruises strictly 21 and over events. The wonderful mood will be guaranteed and the satisfaction of your guests as well. What we really strive to do is helping people create priceless memories and we managed to do this with every event organized with the support of our professional team.

 In order to make sure that you can enjoy an outstanding party with us, we invite you to check out our website and gallery. There you can notice lots of photos from different kids party and see how much fun kids have with us, lots of family activities that we have organized and you will also discover many party idea for kids because we know everything about kids entertainment. You can ask for a quote right now by simply filling out some important details on our website. Let us take care of the most important event and create amazing kids birthday party or even a bachelorette and bachelor’s party. For additional details about NYC kids birthday party and parties for adult people, you can simply get in touch with us.

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