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Three Tips to Move from Thought Leader to Author This Year

Are you ready to become an author this year yet you have one or more of the following concerns:

 You just don’t know where to start.

  • You find yourself getting distracted every time you sit down to write.
  • You’re afraid that you don’t have the writing skills to write a book yourself.
  • You don’t understand the full depth and breadth of the book writing, publishing and marketing process.

All of the above are very real concerns. Following are three tips to help move you forward on your journey.

 Start researching similar books. Click here to get a copy of the spreadsheet I use to create a very powerful competitive analysis of the current books similar to yours out there. From here go to Amazon where more than 80% of all books are currently purchased.

  1. Take the time to find all of the books that you see that could be similar to yours. Check out this site to help you find all of the books similar: www.yasiv.com. Use the form I’ve provided to see all the titles that rank from 1-20,000 (listed right next to the book’s description).
  2. Once you have finished viewing all of the books that are similar, sort the books by rank, highest to lowest. Now you have a unique vantage point to create a book that moves beyond the current books out there to a new level of excellence. Here, you will take all of what other reviewers have liked about the top books that are similar to the one you want to write and, more importantly, you will see all of the things the other authors missed or didn’t write enough about.
  3. Create an outline using the chapter titles from the books you have reviewed. You will see patterns in the spreadsheet Title column that will help you see what chapter titles you can create. Look for patterns. Don’t copy the titles but riff off of them to create your own, unique titles.

    Bonus: Take your time. I always slow down to speed up when it comes to outlines. Any good ghostwriter will tell you they can write a very solid book if you give them a great outline. So once you have completed your outline let it sit in a drawer or on your desktop for a day or so. Go back then and use the left side of your brain to edit it. Also, keep looking at articles on the subject you will be writing on to find those additional unique and small but important points to include in your book.

 Finally, after you have completed your research and outlining, you will be ready to go find ten signature stories for your book. Then in a future post I’ll share my tips for creating stories that will grab your readers and turn them into fans. In the meantime, enjoy this stage that will help you start that book that is just waiting to get out of your head and into the world so you can rise above the crowd in our ever-growing world of content.
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