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Come and Try your Luck on Grand National Today


Grand National is a racing with an old and well reputed history. The first ever Grand National has taken place somewhere in 1839 and the spectacular event has brought under the ceiling of the building hundreds of people! This event took place at Aintree, a city near Liverpool. The course holds 30 fences to be jumped over the 4.5 mile race – the most famous of which being Becher’s brook, Canal Turn, Valentines and The Chair. The second big move has occured a bit later, when the first official syndicate race at Aintree was organized by Mr. William Lynn. At that time the land was leased from Lord Sefton, and Lord Molyneux laid the foundation stone, which can still be seen today.

Grand National Odds

Since those good old times many have changed. Leaders of the country and their beliefs have changed, but not the Grand National race! Starting from 1839 this event is bringing thousands of people regularly. You might ask – why is it so? Horses have been among the first domestic animals of the human race, we have an inborn strive for these beuatiful, elegant, and powerful creatures. Combined with Grand National free bets you receive the recipie of success – adventerous people coming and betting to try their fortune out!

Betting is a whole big story itself! Try to look back into the history of the humankind – when did the first bet happened? Surely, no one knows. Probably it happened when an ancient woman was looking at how two savage ancient men were fighting for her red lips and devotion! Or, it might be so that the first betting started with horses – no one will ever find out. What’s for sure is that betting is in people’s blood, and at Grand National you would be like a fish in its waters! The history of horse betting was made on the Grand National arena. Have you ever heard of Red Rum? Bought for only 6000 guines in August 1965, he was initially considered lame but went on to win three Grand National titles. His most famous Grand National success, in 1973, under the handicap weight of 10-5, at the age of eight, became legendary because it’s tight margin. Red Rum was retired at the age of 13, and was hailed a national treasure.

We trust that you might have other questions with regards to Grant National odds. To clarify these you are wlecome to visit the Grand National official website. At your disposal, you will find historical facts, betting news for real betting fans, a betting calculator and much more. Come and try your luck on Grand National today!