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Long Tail Pro 3 & Keyword Research SEO

Competition is fierce on the internet. Long Tail Pro 3 is one solution to get ahead in the crowded online marketplace. Before we all had access to the vast marketplace that is the world wide web, business owners needed only to focus on gaining traction in their local market. Now, small business owners are increasingly turning to online sales to heighten revenues and increase exposure.
The problem with this transition, especially with new businesses, is that getting traffic to your store, blog, or website can be difficult. Most consumers rely heavily on search engines to locate the products or services they are looking to purchase. Because of that, having your website show up in search engine results is absolutely necessary to increase traffic, and in turn increase revenues—which is the end goal for any business owner, right?

Long Tail Pro 3 – Your Keyword Solution:
It can feel impossible to increase your search engine visibility. Whether you’re running a blog or trying to sell a product, it may feel like you have no control over how Google decides to feature you within search results. This is where keyword optimization comes to the rescue. Search engines, though complicated, rely heavily on keyword recognition. When a consumer types a certain set of keywords into Google, they will be given a list of results that best matches their query. It is incredibly important to know which keywords you need to include on your website in order to be more visible in search results and to drive more traffic to your page.
This is where Long Tail Pro 3 comes in to save the day. Long Tail Pro 3 is a program designed with helping websites research which search keywords will make them more “findable” to potential readers and consumers. Furthermore, Long Tail Pro 3 saves you time. Without a keyword system in place, trying to guess which specific phrases and words will drive more traffic to your website is a nightmare of chance and luck. Long Tail Pro 3 takes that process and distills it down to easy to understand facts.
How Long Tail Pro 3 Works?
For anyone looking to increase the effectiveness of their online content marketing, Long Tail Pro 3 is an excellent investment. Here is how it works: you input your seed keyword or keyword phrases into Long Tail Pro 3’s interface, narrow your search parameters based on what you’re looking for, compare the results, and then select the keyword or keyword phrase that will give you the strongest presence on Google. Simple. It should be mentioned as well that Long Tail Pro 3 now provides real time filtering so the results are updated while you determine your keyword criteria.

How is Long Tail Pro different from other Keyword Research Tools?
What’s great about Long Tail Pro 3, and what really sets it apart from other programs, is its attention to detail. Long Tail Pro 3 allows you to input multiple seed keywords into your search at one time. This is a huge timesaver for website owners who are selling multiple, varied items or covering a lot of different topics on their blogs.
Another great feature is the ability to really filter down your results so you’re not left with a list of possible keywords that is 2,000 items long. Options for search refinement include local search volume, competitor use level, the number of words in a keyword phrase, and much more. All this means is that your results are going to be absolutely tailored to your needs, without all the fluff. This also means you’re going to be spending less time scrolling through endless lists trying to come up with a competitive content marketing plan, and more time running your successful website. As if that wasn’t enough, once you click search, you can easily adjust the search refinements within the results page, so there is no need to go back and forth if you change your mind on, say, the number of words you want in your keyword phrase.
Competition Check:
If you think you’ve settled on a great keyword, you have the option to check its “Keyword Competitiveness”. Long Tail Pro 3 will evaluate your keyword and give it a rating on a scale from 1 to 100, 100 being most competitive. This might influence your decision and help you choose between two keywords. Once you’ve run your search, you can save your favorite keywords for future reference or make notes on them.
Long Tail Pro – Your Ideal Keyword Solution.
Long Tail Pro 3 is a robust program essential to any business looking to up its content marketing game. This program can help those website owners who are struggling to make a name for themselves on the internet. It is a valuable tool to have in your arsenal.
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